&hearts are worth‰ (mitsumichi) wrote in xbang_bangx,
&hearts are worth‰

I be new...

What is your name? -Michelle
Do you have any special type of nickname? -Michi
Where do you reside? -Miami, Fl
If you could travel anywhere world wide where would you go? Australia
What is your age? -16
What is your race? -Hispanic
Are you in a relationship? -Nah

What do you do for fun? -Read, write, paint stuff, go out..anywhere
What are your top five bands? -Oh wow...it changes all the time.
Favorite book(s)? -Harry Potter [I know..NERD].
What have you accomplished in your life? -I am still alive.
What would you like to accomplish? -To be happy and to make people happy.
Do you have any idols/influences? um..not that I know of. Subconciously probably.
*If so, who and why? -
How tall are you? -5'6"
What is your favorite color? -purple
In 5 words or less, descrive what kind of person you are. -creative, laidback, friendly, and outgoing.
Your style of dress? -Comfort man. Jeans. And I like a lot of hippie or 80's looking crap from thrift stores.
Your proudest moment? -Getting first place in an individual acting thing back in like 3rd grade :D
Where did you find this community? -Um..don't remember.
Why do you want to be apart of this community?-Seems like a cool place to meet cool people.

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